Thursday, 22 September 2011

10 page storyboard of our film

This is me and Taylor's storyboard, in which we took pictures to explain the caption, (the main point in each scene), we were unable to get all 10 pictures, however we have described what should happen in each scene and this will help us in the filming stage as we will have a better understanding of what precisely needs to happen in each clip. However since we created this document we have changed the story-line of the film slightly.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Research and planning process

This is Taylor contributing to the process of research and planning, we both brainstormed ideas in deciding a base for our film to work from. We listed as many genres of films as possible and then listed conventions linked with each genre, from this we also had to decide other factors that would affect the making of our film including budget, what conditions we would need e.g. lighting and with this we also had to plan where we could physically go to create our film (where it should be set). With this is mind we deciding to choose a film along the basis of a horror/mystery.

10 shot plan

This is a scanned image which shows the thought process we had to undergo in deciding 10 stages to our film. We considered the shots we would use, however we have changed our minds about some factors since creating this document.
However by planning, this will make the process of filming much easier and less time consuming as we will know what shots and props to use in what scenes etc.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Studying short films: Smashed

Explain what this is here;

Explain what you got:

Here i am analyzing a short film named "smashed" looking specifically at camera angles used and other factors that were purposely put in place to make the film seem more realistic and portray what it has set out to show. By analyzing this film it has allowed me to become more familiarized with certain technical terms and how certain technicalities have been incorporated into this short film.
I also learned about stereotypes in this film as there were different social groups involved, and on a more basic level it was about 2 male characters and 2 female characters in which their gender plays a big part as it is there morales and view of life which leads them to where they are at the end.

Concepts of genre essay "The insane"

This is my essay regarding the short horror film named "The insane". in which i analyzed the film in relation to the key concepts genre, in writing this essay it provided me with a greater understanding of the conventions used in horror films and this ranged from the types of shots used to lighting. I achieved a B grade in this essay in which i feel reflects my efforts and this will then help me when making my horror film.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Media msg

When reflecting on last year when i studied AS media i feel as though i did not achieve the best possible grade i could have, our website was on beat bullying and i feel it was relevant and we incorporated a fair amount of editing and writing skill into our website. I have started well in A2 and would like to continue working to a High standard to achieve and surpass my target grade.