Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This is me and Taylor's first draft of our 5 minute film, we notice some of our mistakes and can see a lot of room for improvement a lot of it being minor errors, Our film is also slightly too long and some parts need to be cut again, and we will need to edit some parts differently as well as adding more effects in places, however i feel it wasn't a bad effort.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Title: saw
This trailer is 60 seconds long and again starts showing a main character within the film, black is also the coloured used in transition from shot to shot, this represents the darkness and again the sense of the unknown typical in horror films. We are again shown the main characters in the film and we see several different shots in particular of a saw which is seen as a weapon and the name of the film. Also there a several sharp shots used in quick succession to show the anxiety and rush of it all when you see the prisoners try to escape and fend for their lives.

Film trailer

Scream 4:

The trailer starts showing the main character and shows the typical scream movie mobile phone ringing, then the background music builds up quickly and builds tension all in a short space of time as the trailer is only 80 seconds long.
We are then shown the more important characters showing the expression on their face for a few seconds at a time, and this is coincided with a heart beat noise, which shows fear and anxiety.
For much of the scarier and more gruesome parts it is darker and the killer has kept his identity hidden, which is typical of the horror genre. The actual words that the characters say in the trailer are also related to the on goings and killings and you are also shown police cars and other signifiers or danger to show the scale of these murders.

Film poster

This is 1 poster idea for our film, within this picture we have shown the main character in a dark, urban environment which is related to the film, we also show him from behind and keep his identity hidden.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This is our sample scene we created and edited to pitch and present to our class, however we filmed this in night vision and so the quality was limited, when we re-film this part and the rest of the movie we will be filming it in daylight.

This is a print screen of what Garageband looks like when creating a sound clip.
We used Garageband to create a lot of sound effects and noises to then implement them into our film, and using these effects not only meant we would have to search elsewhere for them or create them ourself, but these sounds were made clearly and so there was no noise in the background, and you can also edit sounds and sync them with one another which is a useful effect and thats why we used GarageBand.

This is the sound effect we created whilst using Garageband, we made this to be used within our horror film. Garageband was useful in the way that we were able to generate sounds that were artificially pre-made and so saved us time. They were also categorized into certain genres and so were easy to find. This particular sound effect is ideal for our film as it builds tension due to the gradual rise in volume.

Monday, 14 November 2011



This is My final draft of our film treatment in which i analyzed our film preparation stages. By writing a treatment it allowed me to plan out our film accordingly, and this helped in the developing stage saving time when filming as we had a better idea of what shots should be used in certain scenes etc. Once i had written the story i could also gain feedback on the general story line and see whether people had thought it made sense and had potential.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

List of criteria for blog (due 15/11/11)

1. Media language essay
2. Genre and media language essay
3. About a girl
4. Short film treatment
5. 6 shot analysis
6. Storyboard
7. Garageband
8. Sample scene
9. Pitch presentation
10. Film poster research
11. Trailer research
12. Reflection on work and progress (individually)