Monday, 12 December 2011

This is me and Taylor's sound clip, we used this through-out our film to try and create a sense of tension and mystery. The clip was created on Garageband and starts of slowly and gradually we made it louder which allowed us to build tension towards a particular moment in our film and we believed it worked and we thought the music was effective, however we feel we may have used it too much whereby it loses some of its effect.

This is me and Taylor's evaluation of our 5 minute A2 film named "The Raincoat Killer". Within our evaluation we have answered 4 questions, analyzing the technical aspects of our film and the process of creating it. We then recorded our evaluation and will upload it so we can then play it back. Our evaluation has helped us summarize the good points of our film and the areas that need to be improved on. We also reflected on our research and planning stage and by doing this we can identify any problematic areas and any wrong turns we may have made which later have developed into recognizable mistakes, e.g. choosing genre or plot perhaps.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Radio trailer

This is the radio trailer for our short film in which we recorded and added music from Garageband, We had created a script for our radio trailer, when creating it we looked at other trailers for horror films and tried incorporating some of the horror film trailer conventions into ours. An example of this is the voice we used in which sounds husky which is relevant to our film. However we should make changes having recognized that the voice may seem somewhat unclear which could mean that the audience do not hear every word.

Friday, 9 December 2011

This winter,

A group of schoolboys amongst 1 violent killer who has stricken fear into the community.

Billy and his friends think they are safe, but little do they know the killer is closer than they think.

In The Raincoat Killer!

This is the script for our Radio trailer, when making this we had looked at other trailers including voice for films of a similar genre to ours and by this we could plan how to write and read the script effectively and what length it should be. When recording our script for our radio trailer we intend on trying to mimic a typical horror trailer voice and this would be a deep and slightly gravely voice to sound more serious and masculine. We wanted to keep our trailer fairly short and to the point to give our audience as much necessary information as possible relevant to our story and in doing this we can also provide a sense of tension as the audience will have an idea of what might happen during the film.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

This is our film poster, when making this we used 1 picture of the main character and this is so the focus is on him and within this poster we tried including the typical conventions in horror films such as a large knife to signify violence and death, we also kept most of the poster dark contrasted with white writing and so the writing will stand out more, and i also feel that a dark colour such as black signifies mystery as it is harder to see in the dark. I also think the font used in the title and in the credits is necessary and adds to the gimmick of a scary film. However i feel the image doesn't tell the audience enough about our film and leaves it quite open as to how it could end.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

This is our presentation, and within this we were pitching our film, and the aim was to show the possible investors / audience what our film was about and give them an insight into the plot. Firstly we explained our storyboard and the running order of each event and scene. We then prepared a sample scene in which was around 40 seconds long to give the audience an idea of how we have approached the making of the film. We then answered any questions regarding our film, and tried to explain each point as clearly as possible. Overall i thought it went well, however our storyboard had 1 picture missing.
This is our first idea of a picture for the front of our poster, firstly we decided to have one picture on the front with only one person in the frame and this is so the audience focus on the main character and from the conventions you can see he his holding a knife and so this gives the audience an insight into what to expect within the film. We also aimed to include the typical conventions of a horror film in our picture by including a dark background, the face of the character is also slightly covered aiming to keep his identity hidden, and obviously he is holding a knife in which signifies violence and death.
The second image here is a basic idea drawn out by us as to what our poster may look like,and when planning our poster we planned to include many horror conventions. One factor was the style of writing we will use for example in the title, we were going to use a font in which seems different to other common ones, as well as an image involving many of the characters, as we feel it is important to catch the audiences eye and give them an idea of what the film is about.