Friday, 9 December 2011

This winter,

A group of schoolboys amongst 1 violent killer who has stricken fear into the community.

Billy and his friends think they are safe, but little do they know the killer is closer than they think.

In The Raincoat Killer!

This is the script for our Radio trailer, when making this we had looked at other trailers including voice for films of a similar genre to ours and by this we could plan how to write and read the script effectively and what length it should be. When recording our script for our radio trailer we intend on trying to mimic a typical horror trailer voice and this would be a deep and slightly gravely voice to sound more serious and masculine. We wanted to keep our trailer fairly short and to the point to give our audience as much necessary information as possible relevant to our story and in doing this we can also provide a sense of tension as the audience will have an idea of what might happen during the film.

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