Wednesday, 7 December 2011

This is our first idea of a picture for the front of our poster, firstly we decided to have one picture on the front with only one person in the frame and this is so the audience focus on the main character and from the conventions you can see he his holding a knife and so this gives the audience an insight into what to expect within the film. We also aimed to include the typical conventions of a horror film in our picture by including a dark background, the face of the character is also slightly covered aiming to keep his identity hidden, and obviously he is holding a knife in which signifies violence and death.
The second image here is a basic idea drawn out by us as to what our poster may look like,and when planning our poster we planned to include many horror conventions. One factor was the style of writing we will use for example in the title, we were going to use a font in which seems different to other common ones, as well as an image involving many of the characters, as we feel it is important to catch the audiences eye and give them an idea of what the film is about.

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